Here’s a short preview of some of the noteworthy fun things I’ve done over the years outside of work.

For work stuff, please check out my résumé or LinkedIn.

Surfing Dirt

A personal project which I wrote about extensively in a dedicated post.
TLDR; a modern REST/GraphQL/React social network app.

A quick preview of the site on mobile

The live site is at

IMA video contest voting results animation

A quick little animation I threw together out of a Google Form results list (Google Sheets) and React.

This was for an online video contest where people were asked to vote for 1 of 4 videos.
Dead simple but effective. It tells the story of how the voting went over time. It would have been nice to couple that with information about the contestants' activity on social media to correlate the voting.
The live version is visible here.

Logo research

Fully customizable wave generation!

Just messing about with canvas, more details in a dedicated post

Draw me a Kicker

This was a fun one. A PolymerJS and Three.js powered app to generate custom ramp designs for action sports.

Quick overview of the project

Check out the live site and the full blog post.


A JS/canvas port of a toy I wrote back when I was 16. More info here and here.

Default animation, neat-o!
Same body, different spritesheet

Gangnam Style 2 Billion views celebration

This wasn't a personal project, but more of a thing a couple of YouTube colleagues and I built outside of work.

An easter egg we wrote and put on the YouTube video page when Gangnam Style reached 2 billion views.
Ziling Zhao and I worked on integrating the code into the page, did the canvas and custom JS, and added character animations provided by Taeho Ko.

Loved working on this!
Psy's post about the easter egg


Over the years, I’ve built tons of stuff, but most of it is sadly not around anymore.