Hallo Img.ly, ich bin Mikael!

I’ll revert right back to English, as I don’t speak German! 😬

I just ran into your job listings here and here, and thought I’d drop you a line through this page.

So who’s this guy?

My name is Mikaël Gramont, I’m an experienced Web Developer. Lists are easy to scan, so a few things about me:

Why’s he interested in Img.ly?

I’ve always liked to work with images. When I was a kid, I loved to play with graphics programs (Paint Shop Pro 3!), 3D suites (3D Studio… before it was Max), and games, so I’m naturally drawn to your PhotoEditorSDK project!

In fact, regardless of the outcome of our conversations, I might try and integrate it into my Surfing Dirt project (see below)!

Personal projects portfolio

Check out some of my personal projects that could convey my interests:

My full résumé

Those above projects are things I did of my own volition. For a more complete picture of my background, please check out my résumé or LinkedIn.

Code samples

You can find code samples on my résumé page.

That’s it

So there you have it, I hope to hear from you soon!