About me

Hello friend (I hope)!

My name is Mikaël Gramont, from France. I usually go by Mika, as it’s nicer to my ears (at least, in the US :p).

I’m a frontend developer. There are many titles out there for what I do: web developer, front-end engineer, UX engineer, etc. Some might say I push pixels around, but those are haters. I like to think that I build high-quality, fast, accessible and robust user interfaces, in line with today’s standards.

Okay I push pixels around, fine.

Some background

As this site is mostly out there for my web work, you probably don’t care all that much about what I like to do on the weekends or when nobody else is watching (no, not like that!). Doesn’t matter, let me bore you anyway!

My biggest thing is mountainboarding. Mountainboarding is a mashup of skateboarding, snowboarding and mountainbiking: you strap yourself to a board with big pneumatic wheels and you go down grassy hills, mountain trails, dirt jumps, skateparks, you name it. It’s a pretty obscure sport, I’ll give you that, but the cool thing with it is the community. I have mountainboarding friends all around the globe, and it’s really fun to meet all kinds of people who are so different, yet share the same passion.

Dirt jumps are fun! Here some riding in Boulder, CO, with my friend Kody Stewart

Mountainboarding has done a lot for me. It’s the reason why I got into web development in the first place: I setup the first mountainboard community website in France around 2002. At the time I was a student in Electrical Engineering and all that database crap bore me pretty bad, but nobody else was going to do it, so I did.

After a while I started enjoying it a whole lot more, and rebuilt that site as www.mountainboard.fr. I learned so much! In the meantime, I spent a few years as a consultant in the automotive industry (not my thing, really), but thanks to my experience, managed to get a job as a web developer with a startup in Toulouse, France. If not for mountainboarding, I have no idea what kind of job I’d have today.

After that, I spent 6 years in the Bay Area, working at YouTube for most of that time, transferred to the Paris Google office where I worked at the Google Cultural Institute. After a year there, I moved to Biarritz where I joined OnRewind.

The rest

I also like to snowboard, surf and skateboard a bit. People have told me that that’s all the same thing. Is it? I don’t see it that way :)

Perhaps talking about how I like photography and have some interest in design would make me sound a little less one-sided, but I’m afraid of sounding like a hipster now. I will say, though, that you will never find me in line at Starbucks!

Contact me

Feel free to reach out on Twitter!